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BitSend Faucet


Faucet stats

Balance: 275.20694675 BitSend
Already paid: 109.33571605999973 with 11732 payouts

How many payments are currently staged: 4 payments.
How many payments are left before they are executed: 1 payments.
Payments will be done after 5 staged payments or automated hourly.

You can get free BitSend every hour.

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BitSend address

BitSend Masternodes

Here we will show you any online Bitsend Masternode.

Running a Masternode requires a Wallet with 25.000 BSD also a 24/7 Internet connection.

This list is updating every 30 minutes.

Masternodes History

Bitsend Masternode History overview.

This list is updates once per day.

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